The Lunching Intern was started by a 22-year old recent-ish graduate whilst she was working as a publishing intern at a large online media company. As many of these things are, the internship was expenses-only; so she thought, may as well eat some good quality lunches! Add to this the fact that her job was looking at food and lifestyle blogs all day, starting her own was almost inevitable. Hence The Lunching Intern was born.

Fast-forward two years and I’ve been lucky enough to get involved in a number of TV productions as a runner, even working alongside the great Michel Roux Jr. Check out “Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr.” on Channel 4 if you fancy learning how to make a fabulous vegetable frittata.

I have always loved and been passionate about is food; taste is one of my greatest pleasures. I was the student that hung around farmers’ markets and spent their allowance on expensive cheese. I’m still the woman that goes on early morning tours of Smithfield Market to find partridges for her Yule dinner party! Hence I thought it was high time to restart sharing some of my food adventures. And who knows….hopefully you will enjoy reading my reviews.

Happy Exploring!

@thelunchingintern // thelunchingintern@gmail.com

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